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Indicator UScell USI-9 AP

Indicator UScell USI-9 AP


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Indicator UScell USI-9 AP sebuah alat yang berfungsi Sebagai indikator timbangan lantai dan indikator jembatan timbang. Indicator UScell USI-9 AP produk terbaik dengan kualitas bagus yang kami keluarkan, barang dijamin original dan harga terjangkau. Untuk informasi lengkap mengenai harga segera hubungi kami untuk memperoleh informasi lengkap.   


•    AC/DC power supply
•    User define printing content and format and be able to connect with serial printing interface and thermal printer
•    Reliable shield and anti-jamming: adopts hardware for shielding and reduce external-jamming and damage of interface
•    A/D conversion method: Σ-Δ
•    A/D conversion speed: 200times/sec
•    Input signal range: -30mV ~ 30mV
•    Max. connection number of load cell: 8 at 350ohm or 16 at 700ohm
•    Load cell connection mode: 6 wires, auto compensation for distance ≤ 50meters
•    Verified counts: 3000
•    High precision AD conversion with Readability: 1/30.000
•    Max. internal resolution: 600.000
•    Auto change division among 3 different weighing range set up by user
•    Non-linearity correction, calibration tolerance correction
•    Password management and time power off function
•    Display: 7 bits LED display 7 status indications 3 power indicators
•    Clock: real clock without effect when power off
•    Weighing data save/check/delete/protection in case of power off
•    Able to edit English letter referring to a numeric-letter table (ASCII table), able to download English  letter through PC
•    Able to save 1501 weighing records, 1500 truck record consisting of truck ID and corresponding tare weight: 201 goods records consisting of goods ID, goods name; 100 customer records consisting of customer ID, customer name , note info
•    Able to print any parameter of indicator for saving and referring
•    Hardware detection and voltage of load cell output displaying function
•    Score board interface (standard) : serial sending by 20mA current loop with baud rate 600, transmission distance ≤ 2000maters
•    Communication interface (RS232 C standard: RS422 optional)  with selectable baud rate by continuous sending method or command method
•    Optional weighing management software ( Software Scale Think )
•    Print interface (standard) with parallel sending , able to connect with wide-line printer model KX-P1121, KX-P1131, LQ300K, micro printer for model USI-9AP
•    Able to set up print function  for auto/manual: no condition/under condition: daily/sorted statistics report printing
•    Able to print goods name; customer name; company name; and notes
•    Standard and user-defined printing format in horizontal, vertical and record format, etc
•    Power supply: AC 187~242V , 49~51HZ, DC 6V/10Ah battery