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unction box is an important accessory of load cells which is used for adjusting the balance of scales.
As the material and producing technique’s difference, the load cell’s parameter is discrepancy And the sensitivity of load cell mainly results in the unbalance of scale among many parameters.
Here we can adjust the scale balance by adjusting the potentiometer in the junction box.



  • There are 3 type connection number of load cell :  4CH , 6CH , 8CH
  • Made by aluminium housing(Model : JBA) / stainless steel(Model: JBS)  , with special plug, well sealed
  • With high precision, low excursion of resistance and potentiometer to confirm the system’s good reliability
  • There is a hole that could be used for welding the cable besides the connector. So you can select: connect cables by welding or plugging.
  • The PCB is welded with anti thunder and anti surge apparatus, it could be effective to avoid the load cell and indicator ‘s damage by thunder and surge.
  • Operating temperature : -40˚C~ +85˚C
  • IP65