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AC-US TR 108

AC-US TR 108


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US TR-108 light isolation interface transmitter. Compatible RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485 standard, can transfer signal end RS232 signal to balance difference RS-422 or RS-485 signal, inner photo electricity isolation transmitter and DC/DC direct current transmitter, can supply 3500V isolation voltage, double – quick twinkling voltage suppresser (TVS) can effectively restrain lightning and ESD, can supply 600W per wire thunder surge protective, can effectively prevent thunder and shear earth interfere. RS-232 port can connect with PC, IPC or laptop with a DB9 female connector. RS-422, RS-485 port can connect using a 7 bit connection extremity. Because RS-485 support 2 wire semi duplex, that is to say RS-485 only has 2 circuitries (not only sending data, but also receiving data), handshake signal (e g RTS, Request To Send) normally control the direction of the data sending,

USTR-108 inner circuit can automatically feel the data stream direction, and automatically switch control, can conveniently compose a RS-485 work net no need any handshake signal. Such RS-485 control is full transparent, no need do any revise to the previous RS232 working.

US TR-108 can provide dependable connection to point to point or point to more point communication. Point to more point can allow to connect with 32 pcs RS-422 or RS-485 interface equipment. Data communication rate from 0 to 115.2 KBPS, 3 power supplies and data flux indicator light can indicate the failure instance, support the communication mode RS-232C to RS-422, RS-232 to RS-485 transfer point to point, or point to more points com.
 Performance Parameter :

  • Interface characteristic : interface compatible EIA/TIA RS-232C, RS485/RS-422
  • Electric interface:

     * RS-232C interface DB9 hole type linker.
     * RS422/RS-485 interface hole type linker

  • Transfers Medium : Twisted-pair or shield wire.
  • Working: a synchronism semi duplex or a synchronism duplex.
  • Signal Indication :  3 signal indicator lights  TXD, RXD, POWER
  • Isolation degree : Isolated voltage 3500VRMS , 500VDCseries
  • Transfer rate : 115.2 kbps  to  1.2 km   ,  38.4 kbps  to  2.4 km
  • Protect class : RS-232 interface ±15 KV  ESD protective. RS-422, RS-485 interface1000W per wire thunder surge protective.
  • Transfer distance : 0-5 kilometer (115200-9600BPS)
  • Size : 125mm × 54mm × 25mm

Working environment : -25°C - +70°C, relative humidity 5%-95%